Blending Fibre: for cheats

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how it could be possible for people to easily blend fibre,  without spending lots of money on carders or other expensive equipment.

So far, the best I have come up with revolves around dog paddle brushes and comb. I found a few from China on ebay for only a few dollars each.

1: Flick open the ends of each lock with a dog brush or comb.


2: Lay the opened locks over the brush (the wider and longer the brush – the better).


3: Pass the brushes over each other a few times to blend the fibres (as you would with proper handcarders).


4: Remove the fibres from the dog brush and roll into a mini fake rolag. (below – fibre before rolling)


Voila. There you have it, a cheap way to blend fibre for spinning.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions of other ways to blend fibre cheaply, I’d love to hear about them.

Krissie ♡