Spinning Alpaca

On a whim, I decided to ride down to the local produce markets on the river. I wasnt really expecting to buy anything…but as I was browsing I noticed an alpaca stall.

They were selling a range of knitted items…but more importantly…out the front were three large bags of alpaca fiber.

They were a little dusty (as all alpaca seems to be), but they were a gorgeous dark chocolate colour and the staple seemed reasonably long compared to the horribly short stuff I bought a few weeks ago.


I ended up buying the largest bag (2kg). It was slightly lesser quality than the smaller bags, but I figured as a beginner…I’d probably just waste the good stuff.

Can I just say now. I love alpaca.

The fiber is so easy to spin. It glides out of your hands. Also, you dont have to wash it to get the lanolin out! Big plus 🙂



Ive been having a great time spinning it up over the long weekend, and this time I actually have an idea of what I want to use the finished yarn for. I have aspirations of making a pair of fingerless gloves. But I need to be quick…its the middle of spring and today is a stinker at 35 degrees C. I doubt there will be many more cool days left this year.

Now I just need to figure out whether to navajo or normal ply it. If anyone has suggestions id love to hear them.


One thought on “Spinning Alpaca

  1. Alpaca is a heavy fiber compared to wool. I haven’t spun it yet, but with the right twist you can get a nice roundish 2-ply not unlike a 3-ply and get more yardage. So I’d probably go for that first, so as not to get a knitted item that literally drags you down – as alpaca is also very warm.

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