My First Spools of Yarn

Firstly, its official! J’adore my new/old spinning wheel.




Spinning wheels are something that I have always associated with fairy tales (sleeping beauty, rumplestiltskin), so they have a certain sense of fantasy and mystery surrounding them. Its certainly not something that I would have considered doing a few months ago.

But now that I have started, I am enjoying it so much. It is so relaxing…sitting, listening the chorus of the songbirds when i spin in the early morning…watching the colours of the fibres running through your fingers, spreading onto the spool.

This is what I have done so far.


Spun silk roving


Spun border-leister fleece


Spun alpaca fleece (this stuff is so soft)


Dyed merino wool, prepared using a flicker brush.


Spun merino wool, using dyed fibre in last photo

Its not alot, but I’m really pleased with them. Now I just need to finish off a bit more so I can start plying.

I’ve tried the najavo plying method, which wasn’t too hard and I really like how it keeps the colours together. I’ll post some pictures of that soon too.

Until the next time… adieu
Kris xxx

7 thoughts on “My First Spools of Yarn

  1. lovely ! I was drawn to your blog as I have just “experienced” making a very fine from some very greasy merino (from a wether called Hoggy). I checked out your washing instructions – as mine failed me. I have had a lot of experience preparing raw fleece, but nothing like this VERY greasy precious Merino. (I have the Ashford trad as well)…. and the spinning will become a means of relaxation given time 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m really glad your enjoying my blog. Goodluck washing your wool 🙂 P.S. Lately I have been using dish detergent instead of wool wash to remove the lanolin.

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