Spinning Clubs and Spinning Wheels

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to check out a local spinners and weavers group that meet every fortnight.

The first week I turned up was their AGM (I have impeccable timing). 🙂 I went again last Saturday, and it was a great afternoon.

There were about twenty women (and one fella), mountains of scrumptious food for afternoon tea and everyone was so accommodating and helpful. Being a beginner it was great to be able to actually ask questions rather than just watch videos on the web.

The best part is that I was able to purchase an old spinning wheel for $50 and I also got a couple of bags of merino and alpaca wool.

The spinning wheel seems to be in great condition, and im having such a great time using it. So far ive tried border-leister, merino, alpaca and silk.

I’ll have more posts soon with pictures of my attempts at spinning and dyeing.

One thought on “Spinning Clubs and Spinning Wheels

  1. I keep thinking about going to my local spinning guild, but I’m so nervous at the thought of just meeting loads of new people! I should just do it next time the guild meet. Enjoy your spinning wheel!

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