A Spinning Story: the spinning wheel or drop spindle…

The spark that started this whole spinning journey was a holiday that my aunt took last month to Tasmania. When she came home, she told me that she had ordered a bag of possum fur … now, it’s possible that this was a somewhat rash decision – considering that at this point neither one of us had a spinning wheel, or even the slightest idea how to spin the fibers into yarn. Nevertheless, the seed of an idea had taken root.

After researching spinning on the web and a few seriously late nights watching Youtube videos on the subject…I came to the conclusion that a proper spinning wheel was (at this point) out of my budget. So I looked into alternatives, namely the top whorl drop spindle.

Basically, something that looks like this…

photo courtsey of "Pschemp" from Wikipedia

photo courtsey of “Pschemp” from Wikipedia

It is entirely possible that my first attempt at making a drop spindle will simply involve a piece of dowel, a few CDs and a cup hook. But considering that my dad is a carpenter, I do have ambitious plans to make a really beautiful spindle out of wood. I will post instructions and photos of this process here in case you would like to make one as well.



Greetings Internet People.

I have always been interested in knitting and various other crafts. However I have never seriously considered the process of turning raw wool fibers into processed yarn. Now that I think about it, it is somewhat strange, considering that I live in a rural area and am surrounded by cows and sheep on a daily basis.

I have a strong belief that it is important to understand how things work and where the everyday things that we use come from. With this in mind, I have decided to invest the time into understanding the process of cleaning, carding, combing, spinning and dying wool.

I will document this  journey on this blog, and possibly include some youtube videos. I hope you enjoy.